V1. Omega Kongs
The Omega Kongs. The long-awaited Omega Kongs drop is getting closer by the day.. Soon, you will be able to claim your Blue Banana Serum and become reunited with your long lost family. Let’s dive in. The Collection. The Omega Kongs are by far the most immaculate and fine-detailed NFTs I have ever seen. It’s a true piece of art that pushes the boundaries of the NFT space. It will inspire other collections and show them what's possible. The AKC artists are working extremely hard on the Omega Kongs, and this time, they are taking even more time to make the collection. Also, with the extra experience, they got from the first drop, I'm sure this is going to be a jaw-dropping launch. And one thing is most important: The Omegas, and everything else that comes in the future, will benefit AKC NFT owners. That's the vision of the AKC brand. This is going to be exciting. Let’s talk some more about the details. General Information. The Blue Banana Serum will be an NFT of itself, so it will be tradable on the open market before the Omega Kongs drop. But you probably want to keep the serum for yourself, instead of selling it. If new members still want it, they can buy it on the open market. Dates
On the launch date of the Omegas, you will be able to 'drink' your Blue Banana Serum and get the Omega Kong. Each BBS + One Alpha Kong will become an Omega Kong. It's a clone, so you do not lose your Alpha Kongs. In mid-may (exact date TBA), you will be united with your Omega Kongs. Before the Omegas are here, the Blue Banana Serum will already provide you with utility. This is already in about 2 weeks.. Revolutionary Drop
We’re doing something that truly benefits the community with the Omega Kongs drop. Soon, we’ll go into the juicy details and all information you need to know about the drop itself, and I'm sure that many of you are going to jump from your chairs when you are going to read this. We're just getting started.. πŸš€
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