✅ Buy Alpha Coins

You need Alpha Coins in order to start earning daily yield. Read the guide to get your $AKC. 🚀
If you are experienced with Uniswap and buying tokens, this is the $AKC address: 0x45d0749A4E355495c675673D4f3B36A67aA08046
If not, no worries. Just check the following steps:
2: Click on Select a token (the red/blue button), and click on Manage Token lists on the bottom.
3: Click on Tokens (under the title Manage) and copy paste the $AKC address and click on Import: 0x45d0749A4E355495c675673D4f3B36A67aA08046 4: Put in the amount of Alpha Coins that you want to buy and click on swap. 5: Confirm the transaction with your Metamask. 6: Now you’re ready to participate in the Alpha Kongs Ecosystem. Start staking and start earning!
But wait… I don’t see my tokens in my wallet yet.. No worries! Underneath in the Metamask wallet you can click on ‘’import tokens’’.
1. Copy and paste the $AKC Token address into you wallet and click on the blue button ‘’Add Custom Token’’.
2. Confirm the import of your $AKC tokens.
3. Now you can sit back, relax and start your journey in the AKC Ecosystem. See you there. 🌐